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August 30 2015

Over the summer I was asked to complete a simple task of ranking a set of topics from my favorite to my least favorite.  I was not feeling attached to any of the subjects as I put them in order until I saw the word “Disney” flash across my screen.  In all honesty, I never read fairy tales growing up; my childhood consisted of Pooh trying to pull his head out of the honey jar.  At the same time I knew that Walt Disney did not come up with the ideas for his movies all by himself but I never looked into the original stories, or in this case, fairytales.  With that being said, I do not have a favorite fairytale, but I do have a favorite Disney movie.  I have never been obsessed or even intrigued by the idea of a princess like most little girls but for some reason I have always been attracted to all things Tarzan.  First I believed it was because I enjoyed the movies’ music so much but then I watched it again and realized that the real reason is because of its storyline.  Instead of being a ‘damsel in distress’, Tarzan was a physically capable man who had no idea about the human world.  Being raised by apes made things a lot different for him but it was a girl who was able to help him.  Instead of most Disney movies, Tarzan has his life saved by a woman instead of a woman being dependent on a man.  The basis of most Disney stories consists of females needing to be saved by a man but in this case it is the man that needs help from the girl.  I chose this class to find out the background of some of my favorite moves and to figure out what Walt Disney left behind in his interpretation of the stories.