September 20, 2015

The baseline of Cinderella’s story is ‘from rags to riches’ but is it completely accurate how she got there? We know that Cinderella’s fairy godmother was the one to give Cinderella her first promotion to ‘riches’ when she gave her the opportunity to wear a fancy dress and have a great arrival to the Prince’s ball but that satisfaction only lasted until the stroke of midnight.  At midnight, everything that was magically given to Cinderella was taken just as easily.   After Cinderella came back to her own reality of ‘rags’, she was soon welcomed back to the ‘riches’ status by her marriage to a prince.  Cinderella’s original appearance when with the prince was a lie to him because the life she showed is not the life she lives.  Cinderella is a poor girl who lives with a family that does not care about her and the night she was with the prince she was presented as a wealthy and well maintained girl.  If the prince knew her real status would he still find her as attractive and breath taking as he does the second he lays eyes on her? Cinderella marries into money but that is not a realistic ending.  Obviously it is not realistic to fall in love with somebody that you spent one dance with but at the same time, most people that have the same social status Cinderella has would not even be given the chance to go to a Prince’s ball and dance with him.  This was all done with magic and the ‘rags to riches’ is not realistic.


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