September 27, 2015

Before watching a movie, it is assumed that it will not directly match up to the original story, or in this case, fairytale.  In 1937, Walt Disney added seven main characters to the Grimm Brother’s Snow White.  Snow White soon became Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Disney made these small men into actual characters by giving them names and personalities. In the original fairytale, they were just men that gave Snow White a house to live in for a short period of time.  They also have an actual relationship with Snow White in the movie.  Instead of the fairytale, the dwarfs are the ones to carry Snow White’s glass coffin to the  Prince’s castle but in the fairytale it was the servants to carry the coffin.  Another difference between the original and the movie is that the movie only has the Stepmother feeding Snow White the poisoned apple which worked in killing Snow White.  This means that it does not show either of the Stepmother’s previous failures before the apple finally worked.  In the fairytale, there is nothing saying that a kiss would kill the apple’s spell and instead the coffin was dropped and the apple that was wedged in her throat flew out.  In the movie it was the kiss from the Prince that brought her back to life.  Also, the focus on the story was changed in the Disney version from a tale of redeeming the title of ‘fairest of them all’ to a love story.  The fairytale was specifically about how the Stepmother claimed the title of fairest of the land but Disney changed it to Snow White’s love story with the Prince who was not an important character in the original.7dwarfs


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