November 1, 2015

I watched a four minute You Tube video or an animated Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf.  During this video, Little Red Riding Hood did not meet the Wolf on her way to her grandmothers house, but instead just when she got there.  This story starts out with the Wolf eating Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother.  This video has no ‘happy ending’ because not only does the Grandmother die quickly in the beginning, but Little Red Riding Hood is soon swallowed whole herself.  Unlike in the original fairytale, neither the Grandmother nor Little Red Riding Hood are resurrected in the end.  At the end of this version of the story, the Big Bad Wolf is the one to win in the end.  I did not like this interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood because in this version of the fairy tale, both Little Red Riding Hood and the Grandmother are left defenseless and were not able to fend for themselves.  Also, it is known that in all versions of the Little Red Riding Hood that the Wolf is the bad guy.  The villian in this is known to be a Wolf who is Big and Bad so why would he get his way at the end of the story? I assume that whenever I read or, in this case, watch a fairy tale, that the villain will always die or at least fail in his task but in this version there is no doubt that he won and got his way in the end.

Little Red Riding Hood- The Big Bad Wolf- Animated Stories For Kids


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