November 8 2015

Charles Perrault’s Bluebeard follows the same basic story line as the Brothers Grimm’s The Robber Bridegroom and Fitcher’s Bird.

In Bluebeard a woman agrees to marry the ugly and deceiving Bluebeard after an extravagant party he throws.  Soon after their marriage, Bluebeard leaves on a trip and gives a ring of keys to his recent bride.  When he gives her these keys he leaves strict instruction not to go in one specific room in the house.  When curiosity gets the better of her, the bride finds herself in a room filled with the blood and flesh of dead woman’s bodies.  These woman are the previous wives of her new husband, Bluebeard.  While running out of the room, she drops the golden key which becomes stained with blood.  The bride does was not able to remove the stains before giving the key back to her husband who gives himself a mission to kill her.  The bride is saved by her two heroes, her brothers, who kill Bluebeard.

In Fitcher’s Bird three sisters all took turns going into the forbidden Bloody Chamber. Only two came out alive after dropping the egg they were given in the blood.  Since the last sister was smart, she left the egg in the cabinet so she would not make the same mistake.  When she got in there, she gathered all of her sister’s body parts and puts them back together, sends them home and mars the man who gave them the key to the room.  At the wedding, a fire is lit and the doors are locked leading in everyone dying in the fire.

In The Robber Bridegroom, the bride is set off into the woods to find her groom but is sent to the cellar and must wait for her groom, who she hears kill her grandmother.  Instead of having him executed right then and there by her father, she plays a trick on him with her grandmothers finger which was cut off and landed on her lap.  The groom is later executed.

My favorite of the three stories is Bluebeard.  In this story, someone other than a romantic interest saves her and it sticks out to me the most.


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