November 29 2015

Here it is. The end of the semester. The end of my first half of my freshman year of college.  I did not think, going into college, that I would be so warped into a class set about fairytales and a set of brothers but they have taught me so much in just these 15 weeks.  They have forced me to read between the lines of a true short story and to believe in the magic it brings.

I did not understand what exactly we could have learned in a class all about fairytales before starting this class.  I did not realize that there are so many different ways that the stories can be read.  Some people may read it and see it set up in a feminist scenario, but others may read the same story thinking the exact opposite.  I also did not realize that there are so many different versions of the same stories.  The ones that surprised me the most are when there is a completely different outcome.

Disney will always be my first love and the first version that I come to know but now I realize things that I didn’t in the past.  For example, the foot that Cinderella’s glass slipper is placed on.  (It’s the left by the way).  Now I just have a bigger appreciation for not only Walt Disney for creating his own twist on classic tales, but for the Grimm Brothers who are the reason for Walt Disney’s fame.

I thoroughly enjoyed this class and thought it was a great introduction to becoming a college student.  I enjoyed teaching children what I learned throughout the year and being introduced to short fairytales unknown to most by the famous Brothers’ Grimm.


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